The Best Choices for the Blix Group

How to choose a broker? In the day-to-day of our work, one of the most complicated aspects is the fact that we receive emails, phone calls or messages in the forum from concerned people, who have invested a more or less relevant amount in an entity and suddenly found out that it is not regulated or who have been the victims of fraud.

The Perfect Requirement

For us, it is difficult, because often the only thing we can do is to tell that person how to go to the criminal path or to the regulator of the country from which the alleged company is operating, in order to try to recover part of his money. Here too the role played by Blix Group is very unique.

The Prevention Option

As prevention is always better than cure, it is launched several initiatives to improve the training of potential investors, especially those who are initiated in this world, since they are the most vulnerable. With this article, we seek to clarify the 5 points that we must take into account when choosing a broker to trade.Despite what it may seem at first, this is quite common. From the Blix Group  the best supports come in this case as they come up with the best choices for the same.

Regulation, Regulation and more Regulation

It may seem repetitive, but it is essential that the first information we seek from an intermediary is its regulation. When browsing the intermediary’s website, regulatory information should be easily found. The fact that it is much hidden or with generic references should be a reason to be alert.

Let’s show an example below

An important point is how the broker contacts the investor. It seems a little irrelevant, but if the intermediary uses techniques to call the investor without his consent to have his data and cannot explain how he obtained it, it is a clear signal of alarm and before we continue talking we should consult the records on other trusted sites, information about said intermediary.

There are examples that state that they are regulated but do not mention that the regulator is or the country of registration.

What are the regulators that give investors more security?

At this point, we must clarify that, in recent years, the European regulator has taken steps for national authorities to unify the criteria, and the entities that access the European passport of investment services companies meet high standards.