Madden NFL 21 – The MUT Free Agency Program Has Started

Madden NFL 21 – The MUT Free Agency Program Has Started

Madden NFL 21 MUT Free Agency program comes with four sets, new challenges, and 20 new player item cards including Hero and Master players.

Madden NFL 21 recreates one of the most exciting NFL happenings. We are talking about Free Agency. Players can now experience this event in MUT with the Free Agency program. As you can imagine, this program is about the NFL players that became free agents as of this season. The program comes with new player item cards, sets, and challenges. Twenty player items join the MUT roster. Six heroes and two master items are included. We have a defensive master player and an offensive master player.

 J.J. Watt is the defensive master. He is known for his long career with the Houston Texans. He was with this team from the start of his NFL career in 2011 until 2020. Since 2021, he is with the Arizona Cardinals. His Free Agency item comes with 98 OVR and 83 speed, 89 acceleration, 87 agility, 98 strength, 91 jumping, 99 awareness, and 99 play recognition. Dak Prescott is the offensive master. He plays in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys as a quarterback since 2016. In 2021, he got the highest signing bonus in NFL history. His card is a 98 OVR item with 90 speed, 93 acceleration, 89 agility, 78 strength, and 76 jumping.

You can obtain these players by completing the associated sets.

You will need two Free Agency Hero items to get the Master item. Hero items are also acquired from sets. You will need one 94 OVR, one 92-93 OVR, and four 87-89 OVR Free Agency items to get a Hero item. We have six Hero cards in this program. We have two more sets that allow participants to get Free Agency items of 87-89 and 92-94 OVR. The Free Agency program also comes with challenges. There are two challenges for each player in this program. We have a present and a historical challenge. Present challenges are about important moments that took place in the past season. Historical challenges represent iconic moments in a player’s career. There are 40 challenges that allow you to earn 160 stars and 26,000 coins. If you get 50 stars, an 87+ OVR Free Agency item is obtained as a reward. For 100 stars, you will get a 96 OVR Free Agency NAT Fantasy pack. This pack will allow you to get a Free Agency Hero item of your choice.

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