Two Best Love Drama Movies For Telegu Audience

Two Best Love Drama Movies For Telegu Audience

The OTT platform has been a great source for watching movies in the best HD Quality. All the latest, in-demand, newly released movies are found on these platforms. With a wide range of movies and web series, the South-Indian Movie OTT Platform has all the latest releases. With just one subscription away from viewing HD movies, here are two love dramas you can watch.


Written and Directed by Jonathan Edwards, AmaramAkhilamPrema is a 2020 Telegu film.

Starring Vijay Ram and ShivshaktiSachdev in lead roles, the film was released on aha on 18 September 2020.


Akhila is a calm, introverted girl who is her father’s star. They love each other a lot, but she eloped with her boyfriend, whom she knew wasn’t good for her. Making this mistake, she made her father resent her for her actions. Saddened by his coldness towards her, Akhila decides to study for the civil services to pursue her father’s dream and make him happy. As she goes to her aunt’s home for coaching, she befriends Amar, who runs a bookstore with his dad. After knowing her family situation and past, he stops talking to her. Soon Akhila passes the exams, but her father still refuses to talk to her and estrange her.

Amar soon comes back to convince her father, and thus the two fall in love. The movie centers around how Amar convinces her father and helps Akhila win his love.


Written and Directed by Poluri Krishna, BuchinaiduKandriga is a period love drama set in a rural setting. Starring DrishikaChanda, Munna, and PavitraJayaram in lead roles, the film was released on 21 August 2020.


 BuchinaiduKandriga is a rural love story budding from adolescence between Balu and Swapna, who live in a tiny village called ‘BuchinaiduKandriga.’ As they grow up, Balu leaves the village and comes back after two years. Their infatuation is now a strong bond of love. However, Swapna’s father is orthodox, and his casteist mind will not indulge in anything but Endogamy. The couple decided to elope to Karnataka, and here on, the hurdles between them start. Swapna returns to the village, leaving Balu to drown in alcohol and his miseries.

A classic love story with a sad ending, BuchinaiduKandriga touches on social messages like Caste and Honour killing but fails to impact its predictable and draggy plot.

If you want to spend a day with some romantic dramas, these two films will be a great addition to your to-Telugu full movies online list.